Networking – in the region and beyond

Jointly you can achieve more. Together with you, I look for companies and organizations that will accompany you on your way: as consortium partners in collaborative projects, in strategic technology clusters or on direct assignment. Depending on the task, partnerships with SMEs, start-ups or industry are obvious.

There are many opportunities for cooperation in our higher education and university landscape as well as with research institutions – e. g. the Fraunhofer Institutes or the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) – especially in the Brandenburg-Berlin-Saxony triangle, in neighbouring Poland or the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

You will complement each other.

Public funding of technology and innovation projects

You see hurdles that may prevent you from receiving state funding. I will help you to overcome them, and I am happy to liaise with the funding bodies, coordinating with institutions such as the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation or Berlin Partner.

I support you in all phases of publicly funded projects, from the identification of suitable funding opportunities to submitting proposals and to project implementation. In a joint discussion, we work out the structure and unique selling points that will further increase the funding chances of your application. I work through your technical topics. From the first draft to the finishing touches, you see your application developing.


… is a given for me.

I therefore do not publish client references, but trust in convincing you of my competences and strengths through conversation.